Health Bingo is the Latest to Close

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Health Bingo

Health Bingo set to close

It feels like we’re bringing you news of site closures an awful lot these days, but that seems to be the way in the world of bingo. Each time, we’re striking off reputable brands, who have often been in the business for a long time and it’s always a shock. However, the news this week is one of the most surprising closures to date.

Health Bingo to Close this Month
Players at Health Bingo were greeted by a dismal message this month on logging into their account. The pop up informed them that the site would close up officially in less than a week, on the 28th of February. They’ll need to withdraw all of their money before the deadline when the site closes.

Health Bingo opened back in 2014 as a sister to the Health Lottery, which is still thriving. This closure has come as a bit of a shock to their players, as there was no sign that the site was struggling. While it wasn’t the most dynamic or unique of sites, we’re sure that bingo players will still be missing its presence in the long term.

If you’re a player on this brand, then double check if there are any funds in your account before moving on.

Health Games Announced
To take the place of Health Bingo, the brand are opening up Health Games instead. We don’t know all that much about this brand, but we’d imagine that it will have more of a slots focus. This might not suit all of their players from Health Bingo, as it will remove some of the social element of bingo.

There are bound to be more brands closing in the current climate, which is an unfortunate turn for players. Check out our reviews if you’d like to find somewhere new to play.

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