GambleAware Announce Big Donations

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GambleAware work hard to provide information about responsible gambling to those in need, but this can require a lot of cash. They’ve announced this week that they’ve gotten more support than ever before in the form of donations from the general public.

A £16 Million Plan
The aim of the charity to fund a £16 million plan, which will help them to do their work long term. This increased level of donation has helped them to progress towards this goal faster, which is a great effort from the general public.

This charity actually called for a levy to be placed on gambling operators last year. Their poor donation figures at this time meant that they were struggling for the funds required for their operations. This year, they’ve managed to treble the amount of donations they’ve gotten in a three month period to £2.8 million.
The charity spearheads a three pronged strategy plan. This includes research, education and also treatment for those suffering with a gambling addiction. They feel that they’re on track to be able to roll out their new plan to help these members of the public over the next two years.

The Chief Executive of GambleAware, Mark Etches, had initially called for the levy to be brought into place last year. Now, he remains hopeful that these donations will allow them to serve their purpose long term.

How do Donations Work?
The system by which the donations are received has not been refreshed since 2005. It’s laid out in such a way that it’s a part of the Gambling Act. Operators or anyone that profits from gambling within the UK are expected to donate a minimum of 0.1% of their yield to the charity. Some larger operators have also chosen to spend more with the charity for a bit of PR.

These donations can range from a minimum of £250, all the way up to £500k from some of the larger operators. This can be seen as a bit of corporate social responsibility, as they seek to clean up the image of the gambling industry.

The boost in funding will help these charities reach out to treat those with gambling addictions. In a statement, Etches stated that out of the 430,000 estimated problem gamblers in the UK, only around 2% are able to gain treatment. Their new strategic plan would be aiming to target the rest of those people that can’t access or aren’t aware of this treatment.

On the education side, the increased funding would also allow members of the charity to reach out to schools and interact more with young people. Underage problem gamblers do exist and without help, they can be allowed to rack up debit unchecked.

It’s clear to see that this charity is very reliant on the donations from individuals and from companies that they receive. While the upsurge now will be able to help them out, a restructuring may be required to keep them helping in the long term.

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