Gala Bingo to Sponsor Top Channel 5 Soaps

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Gala Bingo Logo

Gala Bingo Logo

Gala Bingo is one of the most popular bingo brands in the UK and appropriately, the company is set to sponsor some of the most popular soaps in the UK. TV advertising for bingo brands is nothing new with other brands such as Costa Bingo having successfully advertised its products and services, so what exactly can we expect from Gala Bingo?

Gala Bingo TV Adverts
The bingo company is set to become the sponsor of both Home and Away and Neighbours so if you already watch these TV programmes then you will soon see the Gala Bingo logo making an appearance. These are quite high profile shows for Gala Bingo to sponsor so how exactly will this affect the industry?

It will be interesting to see how the bingo TV adverts are structured and whether this will affect the player count which is already pretty impressive across the Gala Bingo online network. The choice of shows is also interesting as millions of people tune into the Australian dramas every single day.

Promoting the Brand
The ads themselves have been designed by an agency that has been previously brokered by Sky Media. Gala Bingo has in the past been the main face of other popular daytime shows which have included The Chase and Coronation Street. The Channel 5 audience appears to be the next target with the company aiming to extend its already impressive number of customers.

Channel 5 viewers can expect to see these new adverts hit the screens from now until the end of October for Neighbours and until the end of 2017 for Home and Away. The adverts themselves will promote the Gala Bingo online network and they will be pretty distinctive with a strong Australian influence and theme. The bingo number calls will be given a humorous Aussie makeover so we’re looking forward to seeing them so be sure to keep your eyes peeled this month as they are due to go live any day now.

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