Gala Bingo Launch New Ad Campaign

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Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo has just launched a brand-new ad campaign. This nationwide initiative is called ‘Are YOU playing Gala Bingo’ and seeks to build brand recognition and bring attention and new players to the company.

It will be used as an overall campaign to help smaller seasonal campaigns and promotions. Since it is for one of the UK’s top bingo sites, you can expect to see it everywhere over the next few months.

Gala Bingo has been busying themselves with several changes in the past few months. Since the bingo clubs are now under different owners, they have recently been rebranded to Buzz Bingo in an attempt to attract a wider audience and move away from the original brand. With this move shaking things up in the real world, the next step has clearly been to make changes in the digital one. The separation of the bingo club from the online games will result in this ad campaign leading the new customers directly to their online presence. There is no longer any cross-over confusion and it will lead to a higher volume of traffic searching only for

Where Can We See This Campaign?
Gala Bingo’s ultimate goal is to be seen everywhere and they certainly have covered every base. The advert can be seen across all medias including TV, radio, billboards and social platforms. It is bound to be a slogan that we will repeatedly see for quite a while.

The exposure on the ad campaign is massive and will attract them a lot of attention. It is clear that they want this to be a memorable advert; not just for the brand but overall. We think the slogan is short and snappy enough to be easily remembered while enticing the viewer to visit both the website and the deal on offer.

The First Advert
The first advert you will probably see from them is the ‘Fly Away for 50k’ promotion. The TV advert features piles of sand and a mariachi band ready to whisk someone away to relax in the sun. It is promoting Gala Bingo’s current offer which gives players a chance to win an all-inclusive holiday in Spain and the chance to play in a big-win game. The advert ends, of course, with their slogan ‘Are YOU playing Gala Bingo?’

It is to be expected that we will see this slogan many more times over their next few offers. Gala Bingo is attempting to rise head and shoulders above their competition and the adverts so far will definitely achieve that.

Gala Bingo’s goal is to ensure that this advert is impossible to ignore. They have all the tools and equipment behind them to ensure that that does not happen. This has all the potential to be an extremely memorable ad campaign with plenty of opportunity for growth.

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