Competitions and Markets Authority Crack Down

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Competitions and Markets Authority Crack Down

It seems like every other week, we bring you news of a site shutting down or getting into trouble. Now, the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) are getting involved too, in order to crack down on withdrawal terms. They’ve got certain sites in their view already, with the aim of reprimanding sites that make things difficult for their customers.

Bye Bye Unfair T&Cs
If you’re a veteran bingo player, then you may have been burned in the past by sites that make it near impossible to withdraw. You’ve spent your money, won some cash back but there are hundreds of hurdles in your way before you get to withdraw. Sound familiar?

This really isn’t fair for players, as the sites make it easy enough for you to put your money in, so it should be simple to get it back out too. This is the view shared by the CMA, as they want sites to allow players to withdraw their hard won cash.

In particular, they’re targeting sites that add what they’re calling ‘obstacles’ in the way of players that want to withdraw. This includes a lot of different factors, but in particular they’re looking at sites that add frequency limits, which could be deemed unreasonably low.

They also want sites to remove dormancy clauses, which means you can lose your money if you don’t log in often enough. These terms allow a site to take back your funds after a certain amount of time if you’re not using them.

Which Sites are Changing?
Gala Bingo have started to notify players that their T&Cs will be changing in the coming months. They’ve summed things up for their users by giving them a notice of what exactly will be changing.

They have removed account restrictions and will allow users to withdraw cash balances more easily. This is definitely in line with what the CMA are looking for and they will no doubt be praised by their players too. Let’s face it, no one wants to have their cash all tied up in a site!

Networks like Cozy Games have also been changing, though this may be more down to the fact that they have new owners. We’ve seen a significant uptick in the number of promotions and the terms on these sites too, so there may be more yet to come.

With changes like these coming to a lot of sites, it’s clear to see that only those that make a serious effort will have players in the long term. If we are able to pick and choose our sites, we’re going to go with the fairest ones for sure. Sites that try to hold onto their players’ funds like this will inevitably lose out in the long term.

With the CMA joining the regulatory bodies targeting the gambling industry, sites really have no excuse for treating their players unfairly. These bodies are able to hand down some serious fines and we wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end. We like the fact that things are becoming better for players though, as this is something that benefits us all.

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