City Councillor Calls for end to Online Bingo Ads

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Gambling Adverts to be banned before watershed?


If you watch daytime telly, chances are that you see more than a few ads for the latest bingo sites. These adverts hold a special place in the law, as casino gambling ads are relegated to after the watershed. Some feel that this is unfair, as all forms of gambling should be seen as equal.
One city councillor has come out and demanded the end to this practice, as she feels the adverts could be harmful.

Responsible Gambling
With the latest push to end irresponsible and underage gambling, it makes sense that daytime television advertisement is the next target in the firing line. This naturally is the next area that some councillors want to cover to end the possibility of children viewing these adverts.

Councillor Piggot-Vijeh says that these ads have the potential to be seen by vulnerable members of society and children. She proposes that these ads should be moved to a more appropriate time, where their viewership would be limited.

She believes that gambling contributed to the suicide of a family member and wants to fight for the chance to end this impact. With celebrity sponsors and daytime slots, she feels that this harm could be reduced.

Next Steps
Councillor Piggot-Vijeh has announced her intention to push for harsher laws, this could very well have an effect on further regulation. With so many changes to the way that bingo sites are allowed to advertise, this kind of action could have a real life effect.

She plans to take this advice to the UK Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards. They will most likely hear her advice before deciding if they will implement this in any coming guidelines. The guidelines are changing regularly now, so it’s very possible that we’ll see this kind of research taken on board prior to another big change.

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