Buzz Bingo Debuts at Two Sites

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Buzz Bingo Rebrand

The idea of Buzz Bingo has been rumoured for a while now, with Gala Bingo promising the rebrand for some time. Their new look has been a work in progress, but its finally making a debut in two of their bingo halls. The signs are up outside the halls and it looks like this new brand is ready to be shown off.

Two New Bingo Halls
The bingo halls in question are at Gateshead and Sunderland, which will be the first branches to boast the new look. This fresh new vibe is something of an experiment for the brand, as they push to bring up their player numbers. Over the last few years, attendance in bingo halls around the UK has been declining and this rebrand is their strategy to perk up the numbers.

These two existing Gala Bingo halls have been revamped and promoted to the local community. Their launch party is due to take place within the next week, with big jackpots and free refreshments to be shared. These sites have no doubt been chosen for the demographic of the surrounding area, as execs decide that these are the ideal places to show the new brand. Buzz Bingo is intended to be a more attractive concept for those looking for a dynamic night out, instead of a few chilled games of bingo.

This idea of combining a party atmosphere with bingo is nothing new, but only time will tell if Gala Bingo can execute this better than the rest. A similar idea was unveiled by Mecca Bingo, however this has not gone down as well as they had hoped with the local community.

100 More Halls
These are the first two Buzz Bingo halls to be revealed, but there are 100 more to come. These will be opened over the course of the following month as a full rebrand takes place. This will then become the biggest bingo chain in the UK, as the owners strip away the old Gala Bingo branding.

At each of the halls, they also want to recognise the local community that have made it all possible. They're getting real players at their clubs to cut the ribbon on the new brand. They seem to be taking the party atmosphere seriously!

These launch parties are due to invite players into the new look club and also to iron out any kinks in the rebrand. These two test sites will no doubt inform the rest of the branches going forward, taking into account the things that players rate, as well as the things they hate. Change can have a bit of a mixed reaction, especially with die hard players that have been visiting for many years, but we'll see if this rebrand brings a positive light to the brand.

We'll keep you updated with the roll out of the Buzz Bingo brand as time goes on.

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