Bright Bingo Makes a Switch to Dragonfish

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Bright Bingo re-launches on Dragonfish network

Dragonfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular bingo platforms out there, with hundreds of sites in its every growing virtual stable.

Unusually however, we've just heard news that one site which previously operated under a different network, has made the decision to jump ships to Dragonfish.

Upcoming Switch for their Platform
Right now, Bright Bingo is using B-Live Gaming, and is operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd. These guys own a number of long standing bingo sites, like Bingocams, so could this be an indication that they will move more of these sites over as part of a larger deal?

The news has been shared on their Facebook and they seem to be pretty excited about the move. This status had a distinctly cheery atmosphere of sharing some gossip with players. They told players they have big news and will be keeping them updated with the changes to the site.

They’re stating that this move will mean bigger prizes and promotions for their players. With the power of the bigger platform behind them, this could mean they’re able to schedule and play more big jackpot games.

It’s clear that the owners are placing a positive spin on this change, but they’ve not really told players much about the reasoning behind it. Could they be getting a better deal with this software provider?

Player Response
The player response in the comments wasn’t very bright at all, as many were happy with the status quo of Bright Bingo. Changing things on players that have been with the site for years has obviously not went down too well.

Dragonfish based bingo sites can be a bit controversial for players. They tend to split players between love and hate, some of these commenters definitely fell into the latter category. There was a fair bit of mudslinging in the comments, as players accused Bright Bingo owners of ‘selling out’ to the big networks.

Others feared for Bingocams and asked if it would also be changing. The owners actually got back to say that this was not planned and wouldn’t be happening in the future. For those asking when the site would change over, there was no further information other than ‘very soon’. However, as of the 19th, Bright Bingo posted an update to say the change would happen on the 30th of this month.

For many players, this will spell the end of their time with Bright Bingo. There are so many sites already using this platform, so they will most likely not want to play on yet another one. They may already have a loyalty status and regular rooms with another site on this network, so they won’t want to start again with Bright Bingo.

As with all big changes in the world of bingo, it’s likely that this will cause a stir but then settle back down. Their players will most likely settle into the new site or simply play elsewhere in the future.

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