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The 1st of March is more traditionally know as St David’s Day, a time when we all come together and celebrate the life of the patron saint of Wales (usually over a few pints down the local). To the Tidy Bingo family though, there is another David that is equally, if not more important, and funnily enough, he too is Welsh! The man in question is David Lloyd, who just happens to be one of the sites co-owners, and on the 20th March he will be celebrating a birthday, but we have been sworn to secrecy as to which one!


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You might not know a lot about David, but he does pop up in the exclusive Tidy Cupboard every now and then. He has years of experience in the industry under his belt but he does not let this go to his head. The one thing you do need to know about him though is that he has a cracking sense of humour, which led him to the idea of this brand new promotion. Every little detail has come from David, including the images on the website, the name of the promotion and even the prize you can win. David really loves the simple life, and has come up with a package of prize that perfectly demonstrate how he likes to spend his weekends, it includes:


A 70cl bottle of Penderyn Welsh Malt Whisky


A Nine Piece Whisky Rock Ice Stone Set


Four Royal Worcester Grand Chateau Short Tumblers Whiskey Glasses


Of course no Welsh themed promotion would be complete without something that goes 'Baaaaa' in the night, so Tidy Bingo have also included a cosy plush microwaveable warmer sheep!


David is not a fan of over-complicating things either, so has done away with the more traditional tournament, in favour of a simple prize draw. To make sure your name is included, simply deposit at least £30 before the end of the month, and this can be in the form of one deposit or multiple smaller deposits. Everyone is limited to just one entry, so everyone taking part has a fair chance of winning.

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