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Christmas is such a lovely time. Then we celebrate New Year with bells, whistles and fireworks. And then… nothing! One man was so worried about our spirits dropping in the early part of the year that he invented a new holiday to give us something to celebrate. Tidy Bingo are big fans of National Hugging Day, and they’re celebrating it with a warming January giveaway.



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National Hugging Day is on 21st January. It’s usually cold and wet and miserable, and getting up close and personal with the people we love could be just the tonic for the winter blues.


Tidy Bingo are celebrating with their HUG It Out promotion, running throughout January. The prizes are just what the doctor ordered. A fantastic, luxurious set of bed clothes – a king-size reversible his and hers duvet set with an insulating 13.5tog duvet and four Silentnight Ultra Bounce pillows.


HUGs are where it’s at in this competition. It’s a month-long leader-board competition. Winners on H, U, or G patterns will collect 10 points. Full-house winners (in 75- and 90-ball games) on 8 (H), 21 (U) or 7 (G) win 5 points. And full houses completed on 7, 8, or 21 in the Tidy Cupboard collect 10 points. Complete a full house of H, U and G pattern wins during the month and you’ll collect a one-off 50 point bonus.


The Tidy Cupboard is a room just for Tidy players that opens every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm.


National Hugging Day was invented in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney. He’s trademarked the name, but sadly, no country has yet adopted it as a national holiday – perhaps Tidy could lead a charge for a UK National Hugging Day.


So this January, open your arms and hearts wide, and head for Tidy Bingo where a warm welcome – and a 200% first deposit bonus – always awaits.  

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