Dominos Pizza team with Sun Bingo- Free pizza anyone?

Partial to Dominos and a game of bingo? If yes then this promotion from Sun Bingo has your name written all over it.

Right now, and as they say, for a limited time only Dominos and Sun Bingo have teamed up to bring you a mouth watering offer involving free pizza vouchers.


Play now!


Deposit a tenner and claim your pizza voucher now


The deal is this, you go to Sun Bingo, you sign yourself up and deposit £10. Once you've done this you'll be awarded £20 free (bringing your balance upto £30) and you'll also be given a £10 Dominos Pizza voucher! This deal probably won't last long but while it does you should probably go and do it.


So there you go, if you like pizza and you like bingo then this is the deal for you.


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