Jackpotjoy advert September 2013 - Game Show Bingo

So Jackpotjoy has another annoying advert with Barbara Windsor, what a surprise. If you haven’t seen it then you may as well watch it now you’re here..



The new advert is chaotic to say the least. I actually find it quite stressful, too much noise, motion and colour and jiggling of the camera, maybe I’m getting old. It kind of reminds me of one of those dreadful children’s TV shows, all that’s missing is the gunge.


The new ‘Game Show Bingo game’




Register at Jackpotjoy and get £35 when you deposit £10


The advert is promoting a new game that Jackpotjoy have launched, it’s bingo as you’d expect, but with the addition of a few little bonus games. The bonus games are quite good actually; one involves sumo wrestlers, so yeah, all the ingredients are right.



The jackpots on the new game are solid too, but then you’d expect that from a multi million pound brand like Jackpotjoy, even though they’re no doubt shelling out an arm and a leg for Barbara. Anyway, give it a go, you can’t go too far wrong.

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