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  • Feeling Chilly? Head to Tidy Bingo for a January HUG

    Christmas is such a lovely time. Then we celebrate New Year with bells, whistles and fireworks. And then… nothing! One man was so worried about our spirits dropping in the early part of the year that he invented a new holiday to give us something to celebrate. Tidy Bingo are big fans of National Hugging Day, and they’re celebrating it with a warming January giveaway.



  • Christmas Chaos at Tidy Bingo (23rd December)

    On the night before Christmas Eve, there’s going to be one heck of an office party at Tidy Bingo. There will quite literally be chaos in The Tidy Cupboard on 23rd December from 7pm. The Tidy Cupboard is always a lively place to play bingo online but for one night only, Tidy Bingo is going all out with some great chat tournaments, festive competitions and barrels full of laughs – a great night of bingo is guaranteed.


  • Play at Tidy Bingo on Your Smartphone or Tablet

    Tidy Bingo may still be a relatively small and new bingo site, when compared to bingo sites like Foxy Bingo and Tombola Bingo. However, for an independently owned bingo site, they’re pretty forward thinking. This is demonstrated in a large number of ways, including the introduction of mobile bingo games at Tidy Bingo, which took place earlier this year.


  • HalloWIN With Tidy Bingo

    As we steadily make our way through September, we find it won’t be long before we enter October and we all know what the month of October is well known for – Halloween! Not one to disappoint, Tidy Bingo are very excited to welcome old and new players to come along and join in with their very latest exclusive promotion HalloWIN, another fantastic opportunity to win an impressive prize.


  • Roomie Of The Month At Tidy Bingo

    It’s pretty obvious what makes a bingo site a success story, and that is of course the players, because without them there simply wouldn’t be a site to run. Tidy Bingo believes that the players at their site are at the top of their list for priorities, and in recognising their continued support they have devised a fantastic promotion to reward their most valued players. Roomie Of The Month has been created to show how much Tidy Bingo appreciates their player’s loyalty and each month one player will be crowned Roomie Of The Month.


Latest Bingo News

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